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Flavours of Chakhna, Jaipuria Sunrise Plaza, Ghaziabad | Official Website
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Our Cuisines

Exceptional. Always.


North Indian Cuisine

Calm your lurk for the most luscious Indian dishes here with ultimate flavours to capture.

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese dishes carry some significant staple ingredients that add up to some deliciously lipsmacking flavours. Enjoy these staple dishes today.

Mughlai Cuisine

Luxuriate in our Mughlai dishes and let it enchant your taste buds into calming your hunger.

Our Story


New Delhi is not only the political capital of India; it is also a cosmopolitan city at its best, boasting a wide range of outstanding cafés and award winning restaurants. This list explores the best places in town to experience mouth-watering local and international cuisines in impressive settings. Known across the country Flavors of Chakhna is the name that spells delight and satisfaction. Established in the year 2016, in the journey of hospitality, the brand has made a mark for itself.
The main objective of Chakhna is to serve all types of “Chakhna” with finger licking taste, later on we started with main course as well on demand of our customers. It is located in Indirapuram, Delhi. It is one of the leading food chain that is famous for exotic spices, delicate herbs and quick service restaurant, which means generally they deliver food. Their dishes are curated with the finest of ingredients, fresh herbs and spices, with great attention is paid to the recipes to evolve authentic flavors of the cuisine

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Our Specialties

Know about your taste.

Get to know about your favourite food and the cuisines they belong to.
Experiment with different dishes and flavours and give your taste buds to a whole new tasteventure.

Chili Manchurian Dry

With diced onions, capsicums and green chilli and full of deliciousness, our chilli Manchurian will surely make you fall in love.

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Kadai Panner

With deep fried herbs and spices our kadai paneer will hypnotize you to such an extent that it becomes literally irresistible.

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Butter Chicken

Our Butter chicken has much complex layering of luscious seasonings that will tempt your taste buds.

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  • B 20 , Kitchen no.3, Auto Market, Noida Sector-16